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5 Best Things About Staying Independent As An Artist.

The 5 best things about staying independent as an artist is our topic for today! because being an independent artist is only manageable if the artist has the necessary finances to survive alone; this is when sacrifices come to achieve that. and if has a vast music promotion and marketing knowledge; i call this the artist’s learning process to market his music. If not, it can get tough and frustrating. But still, you need to push harder and have patience. The results will always be worth it. Allow me to tell you five reasons why you need to stay independent:


The best part is that you get all the earnings from your release, and the label doesn’t get a part of it: your hard work, Your Gains.


You will always release the type of music you want, music that represents you as you who you are, how you feel, what you think at that specific period or era of your life. A management team would maybe push you to release music which is currently a trend. It can be meaningless for you at that time even tho it may generate some exposure or money but still not what represents you the best way. I am not against it, but you may risk sounding like anyone else instead of having your print.


You will liberate yourself from the pressure of releasing music because a label is pushing you. You will also get time to perfect your product; just don’t put too much time into it because this may turn against it. Sometimes perfectionism is bad for the product.


You, Will, hold your songs’ copyright and allow everyone to listen to your music and receive opportunities to get your music used wherever you like.

Streaming Platforms:

Streaming Services are the places where most people are listening to music. It’s way easier to promote everything on your own and reach something independently. You don’t need a label anymore!


You may stumble upon some social media talk, about not have audience because of algorithms don’t want to help independent artists, But this is when you should remember the sacrifices part we brought earlier, to have a budget for your music product earlier about sacrificing to have a budget for your music product to spend over ads, and song submission to streaming platforms.

as long as you stay focused on your goal to reach more people no algorithm will stop you. on the controversy, algorithm will earn more about how people react to your music. If positive it will push you even further, just make great music and believe in yourself.

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