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How Vocal Samples Can Help You make a Better music

Vocal Samples are significant additions to modern music synthesis. And it can take your rhythm in several musical directions according to your desire.

Vocal Samples can turn a monotonous rhythm into an exciting rhythm and make your creativity more valuable to you in workflow and collaboration with the artist. But where can you find high-quality vocal cuts?

In this article, I will answer this question. Of course, I will list some of the best products to achieve outstanding results in your artistic productions, with an explanation of how to use them effectively and professionally.


One of the largest sites that provide a monthly subscription service to download files, including vocal samples. Loops and drum kits, and the biggest names in music, use it to download their music project files.


One of the most successful vocals sample packs came into existence with more than 500 sales, resulting in nearly 10,000 USD of income: Trapsoul Chops Click Here to Check it Out.

There are also many other Vocal Samples with the same quality as Vox rebirth, Vocal Note, Feeling Blues, and some construction kits with Vocal Samples included such as Pop Flavor, Last Supper, and Chord Selection V.4.

You can also find Great deals of Vocals inside bundles like 146 Vocal Chops and The Producers Lockdown.


This site is one of the best blogs in music, with the latest news and music production tools. It recently turned into a Sample Pack store. It is such an exciting website.


Adrian wood is considered one of the most successful music entrepreneurs and made a go-to for many producers. His Platinum Circle Deal allows for an impressive amount of supplies that producers get to keep creating and leveling up.

MaschineMasters is a community of Native Instruments that provide:
Top-quality sound kits.
Entertainment for aspiring producers using modern-day software and hardware instruments.
Members learn through detailed video tutorials and apply them to sample packs provided by their staff weekly. Here is a link to their Vocal Samples Page.


It is one of the biggest sample stores with Thousands of Sample packs, Tutorials, Plugins, and Vocal Samples.

Check it out for some interesting Vocal Samples.

ProducerSources aims to empower Music Producers by providing the best tools and knowledge and helping them grow their business.
They offer Selected and Discounted High-Quality Sound kits, Loops, Midis, VST Plugins, and Vocal Samples.

How To Use Vocal Samples Effectively and Professionally?

You can add Vocal samples in small doses to your chord progression to create a specific ambiance.

Avoid using vocals excessively on the chord or sample you are using to avoid distracting the main rhythm.

Process vocals slightly by creating an effects chain that fits your style; for Example: use an EQ to clean the harmful frequencies, add Distortions to help it stand in the mix, and Reverb to generate Room for it. After that, you can also compress at the end to give the vocal a strong taste of the earlier effects.

Also, Make sure to balance them, making them felt but not heard. Allowing vocal chops to sound louder than the primary instrument will work against the production you are working on; remember what I said earlier, Create Ambiance.


Vocal Samples have played a considerable role in changing how music sounds nowadays, especially in genres such as Trapsoul, Future bass, Pop, Edm, and more. So give it a try and add a superior taste to your sounds with our sample packs.


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