Should i buy Loops & Sample Packs ?

Should i buy Loops & Sample Packs ?

To buy or not to buy loops/Samples, is a very common question between producers and beat makers, for some reasons such as : tracks should consist of their creativity to 99% or getting a loop and putting drums on it and call it a song is cheating or unfair to them, which sounds a little bit uninteresting especially with the Sound Design growing markets that supply music industry with inspiring and high quality sounds that come in different shapes such as : Construction kits, kontakt librariesSample Packs, Loops, and more.

In this topic, we’re going to tell you why you should buy loops to expand your creativity and challenge you abilities. Because buying loops would be more interesting when you flip it, applying heavy processing/effects, granular sampling the sh!t out of it, and using it completely out of its original context. but for that, no “rights free” purchase is required.

I know guys who won’t even use any sample they didn’t record themselves, to keep it perfectly original. same for (non electronic) musician who don’t like sampling, or any “computer music” because it “isn’t original”. to them I say “did you build that bass guitar yourself?” or “did you invent the scale you’re playing in?” or “Do you know how many HIT RECORD has been made using loops and samples on the internet ?. this line of thinking can easily lead to an infinite regression.and ironically, re: originality in the “real vs electronic” music debate, since probably the 1930s, the only truly original sounds have been synthesized. but more to the point,everyone draws the line for themselves, either because of necessity, practicality, ignorance, ego, true artistic genius, or any number of other reasons.

playing devils advocate, you could argue that anyone can sound original with a huge eurorack full of thoughtfully chosen modules, meticulously patched over hundreds of hours, and samples they recorded themselves while on a mission to a far away galaxy where there are sounds no earthling has ever heard..but to blow peoples minds with nothing more than the first few loops you can pull up in your DAW, you gotta be pretty damn creative.

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