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Layers consist of 10 folders of stems brought to you by Rebel Nation audio in collaboration with Sonics empire. We projected our focus on melodic samples that can be used in their original form but also can be flipped or sampled in many different ways.

We created this pack using high-quality instruments with a natural vibe and instantly inspirational for you as a music producer, songwriter, or even a video editor to be used as background music or more.

We decided to come up with unusal vibes, a different mixture of music genres that you do not only can listen to, but also feel and push you to create a scenario inside your head. A chance to refresh your sound library, and spice up your productions.

5 reviews for LAYERS

  1. rony8beats

    fantasy is crazy !!!!!! this pack is fire

  2. Maña Soundz

    Definitely downloading

  3. Florida Outfit

    these kits are cold brother! keep it up

  4. Adsman Uno

    bought to pump out some heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. xoEver

    finna make so many bangers with

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