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Introducing NEW YEAR SUPPLIES 2021 Bundle, The New 5GB Limited-Time Sample Library by Sonics Empire. Get Your Copy Today!

$334.86 $20 ONLY

 Attention: Beat Makers, and Music Producers... 

We are supplying you with over 5GB of Drums, Loops, Vocals, Layered Samples and Construction Kits.

Hi! My name is Sami, and I’m the CEO of Sonics Empire Label that you’ve probably never heard of.

Yet you’ve probably seen our company consistently on leading sound design brands like Sounds by Native InstrumentsADSRSOUNDS, ProducerLoops, Modernproducers, Maschinemasters, and many other Verified and fast-growing sound design companies in the world.

Which is kinda crazy, especially considering the fact that we launched just three short years ago, and we did it from a tiny home studio in Morocco.

We’ve supplied thousands of producers worldwide with our kits, and they were very satisfied with the value they received from us because this is our promise, delivering more value than you ever expect.

Interestingly enough, our first edition of the New Year Supplies 2020 Bundle was extremely booming in sales during Covid lockdown because everyone saw the value and potential they will get from it.

Yet we were able to work hard during the last couple months of 2020 to prepare for this New Year Supplies 2021 Bundle, which is the second installment of the previous successful 2020 bundle, so together we can stay creative, explore new ideas, and help you grow your production catalog to refresh your customer’s ear.

Without EVER dropping value! 

We increased value than the first Edition of 2020 to help you maximize your production ratio. and to give you a little idea about the previous experience we had, the new year supplies 2020 bundle has generated a revenue of over $36.000 thousand in just 2 short months because it helped producers to:

#Redefine the way they create music

#Access hundreds of melodic loops, Vocals and drum kits

#sell beats they made using our bundle and stream on music platforms 100% royalty-free

Here's Exactly What You're Getting

Over 1900 Musical Stems, Vocals, Drum Beats, Loops, Samples, One-Shots, Instruments & MIDI files

allow me to demonstrate WITH AUDIO

What's in the Bundle?


Melody Sample Pack


royalty free drum kit


100 Vocal Samples for All Genres


gospel of wealth


melodic drill beats



Drill construction kits


Grime/UK Hip-Hop Loops


drill drum kit drill print


Migos Trap Sample Pack


trap sample pack


Da Baby Trap Sample Pack


Pop Smoke & Lil Tjay Sample Pack




Total Value: $334.86

But today, you're getting all of this...


wait! we promised you extra value and here we are delivering

Act Now And Get These Incredible FREE Bonus Kits



Value: $29.99

feeling blues is a soulful sample pack



Value: $19.99

Trap Melody Loops



Value: $39.99



Value: $19.99

Royalty-free Trap Loops
That's A Total Value Of:


Your Cost: FREE!

AN ENTIRE YEAR'S WORTH OF samples & loops

Here's Everything You Get When You Order
New Year Supplies 2021 Bundle Today!

  • Trap Avengers Vol.1 ($19.99 Value)

    Hip Hop/Trap Sample Pack. First Edition

  • Trap Avengers Vol.2 ($19.99 Value)

    Hip Hop/Trap Sample Pack. Second Edition

  • Trap Avengers Vol.3 ($19.99 Value)

    Unreleased Hip Hop/Trap Sample Pack. 3rd Edition

  • Trap Avengers Vol.4 ($19.99 Value)

    Unreleased Hip Hop/Trap Sample Pack. 4th Edition

  • DRUMNOTE ($24.99 Value)

    Multi-Genre Drum Kit

  • GUITARNOTE ($19.99 Value)

    Classical Guitar Sample Pack

  • KEYNOTE ($29.99 Value)

    1.2 GB Keyboard Sample Pack

  • VOCALNOTE ($39.99 Value)

    100 Multi-Genre Vocal Chops

  • DUPPY ($24.99 Value)

    Drill Construction Kits MIDI/WAV

  • QUID ($24.99 Value)

    Drill/Trap Construction Kits MIDI/WAV

  • YARDI ($24.99 Value)

    Drill Construction Kits MIDI/WAV

  • SCORE ($24.99 Value)

    Drill Construction Kits MIDI/WAV

  • Drill Print ($29.99 Value)

    Non-Recycled Drill/Trap Drum Kit with Unique 808s

  • Gospel Of Wealth ($29.99 Value)

    Melodic Hip Hop/R&B Sample Pack

  • UNHEARD ($19.99 Value)

    Dark Guitar & Keyboard Loops and Samples.

  • BONUS #1 ($29.99 Value)

    Feeling Blues: Trap Soul Vocal Samples + Melody and Drum Loops.

  • BONUS #2 ($19.99 Value)

    Rumours V.2: Hip Hop/Trap Sample Pack with 25 WAV Layered Samples.

  • BONUS #3 ($39.99 Value)

    Chord Selection Vol.4: Chords, Loops, Melodic One-Shots, MIDI. Multi-Genre Chord Progressions..

  • BONUS #4 ($19.99 Value)

    Panamera: Trap Construction Kits, Drum Loops & Melodies.

Total Value: $444.82

But today, you're getting all of this...



Join Thousands of Satisfied Producers!

Ani K.
Ani K.
(verified owner)
Read More
This was a super awesome bundle! It really has anything and everything that I need and then some. Each pack has its own feeling that sparks almost instant inspiration
Steve B.
Steve B.
(verified owner)
Read More
Barely scratched the surface of this amazing bundle. Lots of fun to chop up phrases and rearrange into something unique.
(verified owner)
Read More
Greats sounds and plenty of idea starters. Definitely got my money’s worth.
(verified owner)
Read More
Great pack to learn new type of beats. Other great sounds from other genre that can still be used
Wasyl B.
Wasyl B.
(verified owner)
Read More
Groovy, lots of content. The rhythms and styles are fresh and noteworthy, No cons whatsoever.
John B.
John B.
(verified owner)
Read More
Massive Kits and A variety of different genres. Where do I start?
Michael D.
Michael D.
(verified owner)
Read More
I love this bundle still going through them! The quality of the sounds are ready to go don’t have to do a lot of sound twisting. No dislikes at all definitely recommend this to anyone that’s producing
DJ Sharifon
DJ Sharifon
(verified owner)
Read More
This purchase was worth more than the price. Thanks a lot!
John Williams
John Williams
(verified owner)
Read More
it was good thank you
George U.
George U.
(verified owner)
Read More
melody midi files included ! that's Lit !!!
Adrian S.
Adrian S.
(verified owner)
Read More
I'm glad that none of this drill drum kit is recycled, it has very unique 808, super dope.thanks!
Yung Khalifa
Yung Khalifa
(verified owner)
Read More
Best sample inspiration


Most frequent questions and answers

You can make unlimited beats to grow your catalog using this bundle. You have the option to Sample, Flip, Stretch, Slow, Slice, Reverse or just keep as is and build around to come up with endless possibilities. Creativity is Limitless.

All kits come in High-Quality Wav and MIDI files. Already Key and Tempo Labeled.

Absolutely, All sounds included in the bundle plus bonuses are 100% royalty free. it means you can sell beats made with this bundle, or even stream on music platforms and keep 100% of your royalties.

Immediately after placing your order, you’ll be taken to the download page plus we will send the bundle + bonus to your email inbox instantly. 

New Year Supplies 2021 Bundle is brought to you exclusively by Sonics Empire. We are supplying you with over 5GB of Drums, Loops, Vocals, Layered Samples and Construction Kits.

This Bundle Includes 3 Series: Trap Avengers Vol + Note Series 4 Editions + Drill Construction Kits Vol + 1 Extra Sample Pack + 1 Extra Drum kit and One Additional Sample Pack.

This Bundle is a package of the most recent Trap, Hip hop, R&B and Drill kits created at the end of 2020 and by the beginning of 2021. Comes with a bonus of Two Unreleased Kits.

01-Sonics Empire – Trap Avengers Vol.1 (Sample Pack)

01-Sonics Empire – Trap Avengers Vol.2 (Sample Pack)

01-Sonics Empire – Trap Avengers Vol.3 (Sample Pack) Unreleased Kits

01-Sonics Empire – Trap Avengers Vol.4 (Sample Pack) Unreleased Kits

02-Sonics Empire – Drumnote (Drum Kit)

02-Sonics Empire – Guitarnote (Sample Pack)

02-Sonics Empire – Keynote (Sample Pack)

02-Sonics Empire – Vocalnote (Vocal Samples)

03-Sonics Empire – Duppy (Construction Kits)

03-Sonics Empire – Quid (Construction Kits)

03-Sonics Empire – Score (Construction Kits)

03-Sonics Empire – Yardi (Construction Kits)

04-Sonics Empire – Drill Print (Drum Kit)

05-Sonics Empire – Gospel of Wealth (Construction Kits)

06-Sonics Empire – Unheard (Sample Pack)

Feeling Blues ( Trapsoul Vocals Pack + Melody Loops)

Rumours 2 (Sample Pack with 25 WAV Samples/Loops)

Chord Selection V.4 (Chords, Loops, Melodic One-Shots, MIDI..

Panamera (Construction Kits, Drum loops & Melodies)

Producers & beatmakers

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Bundle including 4 FREE Bonuses Now Before They're All Gone...

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you get inspired by the bundle!


P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

I’m sending you $444.82 worth of producer Sound Supplies packaged as “New Year Supplies 2021 – Bundle” a 5GB of Sample Packs, Drum Kits, Melodic Loops and Vocal Samples. Yes, this bundle is exclusive, and Recently created for you and all you pay is $20 US instead of $444.82, that is a -95.5% Discount.

There’s no catch… no gimmicks… You will receive your bundle instantly, and head directly to your studio, That all!

If fact, if you don’t love the bundle – I’ll even refund your costs (and you don’t have to remove your bundle download).

So, Click the button below to claim your BUNDLE copy now. You won’t regret it.

VALUE OF New Year Supplies 2021: $334.86

VALUE OF FREE Bonuses $109.96